How to Survive Kansas City Winters


Shifting weather patterns are producing extraordinary storms that could generate record-setting blizzards and low temperatures across the country. Kansas City, MO is no exception to these winter conditions. It’s important to prepare your home and family for low temperatures and snowy conditions so you’re ready when a snowstorm hits. These KC winter-weather survival tips will help you stay warm and safe.

Outside Your Home

Before winter arrives, you should winterize and wrap any exposed pipes with insulation to help keep them from freezing. A burst pipe can cause extensive water damage. Check to make sure that your furnace or other heating system is operational. You can save money by purchasing items like bags of salt, sand or cat litter in bulk for clearing icy walkways and driveways. During the winter months, place a bag in your vehicle for the times that you need extra traction in snow or ice.

If you do not have sufficient room in your home or garage for these seasonal items, you can keep them in a storage unit until a winter storm is forecasted. A storage unit is also a suitable location to store an emergency generator, and keep patio furniture safe. Avoid damaging any of your outdoor furniture items by placing them in your unit throughout the winter, including things such as your lawnmower and weed whacker.

Inside Your Home

Winter storms can disrupt electric power and interfere with your ability to prepare food as you normally would. Grocery stores without electricity may also be closed. You should have a readily accessible supply of food and water as well as personal hygiene and emergency supplies, such as flashlights, batteries and candles. Select non-perishable foods like canned goods and freeze-dried meals. Remember to have a functional manual can opener. You will also need baby formula, diapers and other products if you have young children, as well as supplies for any animals in the household. Kansas City storage units enable you to avoid the last minute shopping frenzies and frustrating shortages while keeping the bulk of your supplies conveniently located nearby.

Enjoy the Winter Wonderland

With multiple locations and a variety of storage unit options available, Central Self Storage can help you prepare for winter weather no matter where you live in the Kansas City metro. When you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home and family are safe and secure, you can enjoy holiday celebrations and other fun winter activities that take place in and around Kansas City, MO.