How to Put On Your Own Holiday Play

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News of The Nutcracker coming to the Morrison Center in Boise, ID has sparked the holiday spirit among many folks. Teachers, parents and nannies who want to recreate the magic of holiday plays are busy thinking up ways to delight children. From choosing a script to collecting props, here are a few tips on how to put on your own holiday play with the help of Central Self Storage.

Plays 101: Where to Start

If you’d like to put on your own holiday play at home or school, the first step is finding a script. You can search online for a script, write your own or find drama books at the library. Holiday classics such as A Christmas Carol and the Nativity story are great choices if you want to write your own script. Be sure to keep your audience’s attention span in mind when picking a script.

Once you’ve decided what play you’re performing, you’ll need to appoint a director. It’s always a good idea to have an adult as the director, but you can designate a kid as the assistant director if you’d like. The director can either assign parts to actors or hold short, fun auditions to choose who will play different parts. Give main roles to the most lively, outgoing folks you know. Depending on how much time they have, your actors can either memorize their lines or can read them from palm-sized note cards.  

Making Your Play Come to Life

Of course, really bringing your play to life also means putting up sets and choosing costumes. Don’t fret if you have no construction experience or artistic skill. Everyday objects from around the house or classroom will work just fine. Your garage and storage areas hold a wealth of resources, too.

If you do have artistic skill and want to create a backdrop, you can pull an old sheet out of storage and paint it. To hang it, simply run a line from one end of your stage to another and pin or clip the sheet to it. Boise storage units provide a great place to store everything needed for your play. Simply separate items and place them at the front of the unit so they’re easy to access. If you want to save your backdrop, roll or fold it and place it in an airtight box.

Inspiring Your Actors

Sets and costumes will do a lot for your play, but only your actors can really bring it to life. There are many talented folks in the greater Boise, ID area, and quite a few of them are kids. Thankfully, inspiring your actors is as easy as being enthusiastic yourself. Let Central Self Storage take care of the details so the show can go on. Contact a storage facility near you today to get started.