Get on the Ice with Storage for Your Hockey Team

Two youth hockey players fighting for the puck

Hockey teams require a lot of gear and supplies to play the game. Whether it’s uniforms, protective padding or equipment such as hockey sticks and pucks, all of this gear takes up space at home. Hockey season has already begun in Island Park, NY, sending hockey moms and dads looking to find extra storage space for all of the equipment. Storage units provide adequate space away from home for helmets, skates, and other important hockey gear.

Tips for Storing Your Hockey Gear

Clean every item thoroughly.

Before you store your hockey jerseys and gear, wash and clean everything from top to bottom. Sweaty jerseys collect bacteria and emit a foul odor. Wash the jerseys, polish the hockey sticks, and clean the ice skates to keep everything in pristine condition until the next game.

Organize the hockey gear by type.

It’s easier to find what you need when everything is properly organized. Sort through the gear, and separate the equipment by type. Put the hockey sticks together with the pucks, and store protective gear – pads and helmets, specifically – in their own section.

Use storage bins and shelves.

Large storage bins come in handy when storing your hockey gear. Use a storage bin for each hockey item, and label the bins accordingly. Stackable bins are even better and save you floor space. With storage shelves, you can take advantage of wall space and store more things like hockey supplies, trophies, and memorabilia.

Hang the hockey jerseys on racks.

A storage unit isn’t complete without a few racks for your hockey jerseys. Floor racks provide ample room on which to hang jerseys and pants, including team gear like coats and hoodies. Use separate racks for practice uniforms and game uniforms as a way to keep everything neat and organized in its own place.

Central Self Storage for Your Hockey Gear

Central Self Storage has storage units available for your hockey equipment. Whether you coach a team or have a child playing the sport in Island Park, NY, it’s good to have a place away from home in which to keep everything safe and secured. If you’ve run out of space in your house or garage, let Central help you find a storage unit for safeguarding your hockey gear.