El Nino Preparation Tips For San Jose

El Nino

Most people know San Jose, CA as a bright and sunny city. As residents bring their holiday decorations out of storage, they must keep in mind that December could be bringing more than presents, holiday treats and good cheer. December is also expected to potentially bring one of the worst El Niño spells seen in many years. Follow these tips from Central Self Storage to ensure that you – and your belongings – can weather the storm. 

What to Expect

For those who are new to the area, El Niño is a complex set of climatic patterns. The result is more rain, more clouds and changing temperatures. El Niño usually hits the equatorial Pacific region every few years. San Jose residents can expect a wet and cold winter approaching soon. The area is predicted to receive more than 14″ of rain between December and June. For areas between Santa Barbara and San Jose, there is almost an 85 percent chance of at least average or above-average rainfall this winter.

How To Prepare For El Niño In San Jose, CA

The most important preparatory step is setting up a disaster preparedness plan and kit. Learn where local relief centers are located in the event of any evacuations. Make a list of emergency contact information. Make sure home and vehicle insurance policies are current. Flood policies can be purchased from the National Flood Insurance Program, which is sponsored by the federal government. To set up a preparedness kit, make sure these items are available and kept in a dry place:

– Flashlights and extra batteries
– Several warm blankets and plastic throws
– A two-week supply of bottled water for drinking and hygiene
– Extra essential medications if applicable
– A two-week supply of canned and dry food
– A medical kit for first aid and burns
– A solar charger for a cell phone if possible
– Dust masks for family members
– A radio that operates on batteries
– A can opener for food
– Basic tools for shutting off utilities 

Prepare By Saving Space

As the holidays arrive, many San Jose residents look forward to bringing trees, decorations and gifts into their homes. One of the biggest challenges is determining where to put everything and still have room to breathe. Items that are normally left outdoors may need to be put in the basement or garage with El Niño coming. One of the best ways to save space this season and protect personal belongings from possible water damage is to invest in nearby San Jose self storage. Reliable storage units keep belongings safe and dry.

Central Self Storage offers many convenient locations for storage units in San Jose and the surrounding areas. To learn more about our storage unit size options and affordable prices, contact us today.