Creating an Organized Storage Unit

organized moving boxes

Keeping Organized

You probably try to keep your home organized and tidy, and the same should go for your self storage unit in Antioch, CA. Antioch has a variety of historic places to visit and provides a haven for artists thanks to its abundant museums, galleries and the Rivertown Art Center. Although artists typically have messy work studios, it pays to have an organized storage unit for keeping art supplies, equipment and furniture neat and efficient.

Whether you’re moving and need self storage in Antioch, CA or just want extra space for an art studio, creating an organized unit is easy with these storage tips.

Storage Tips

  1. Install floor shelves for organizing documents, boxes and clothing. Place a few shelves around the perimeter of the unit, and leave plenty of walking and working space in the middle.
  2. Arrange your belongings by room or category. Dedicate a part of the unit to each room, and color-code each section for easy identification.
  3. Label all boxes according to item type or the room in which they belong. Stack the boxes along the walls from the floor to the ceiling, keeping the heaviest boxes on the bottom.
  4. Create a floor plan. Draw a layout of the unit on a piece of paper, and make sure to keep the items you need immediate access to closest to the front.
  5. Save space by breaking down furniture, such as tables and bed frames. Keep the screws and other small parts in labeled baggies taped to the furniture.

An Efficient Antioch, CA Self Storage Unit

With just a few shelving units and a little organizational know-how, you can have a tidy Antioch, CA self storage unit of your own. In addition, with a climate-controlled unit, you can store paintings, supplies and other sensitive items safely and securely from the California heat.

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