Celebrate National Hobby Month

father and son camping

In Glendale, AZ, we don’t have to worry about the frigid temperatures that much of the country experiences every January. That’s why it’s the perfect place to head out to the beautiful outdoors and celebrate National Hobby Month. Still trying to figure out what your hobby is? Don’t worry – Central Self Storage has some ideas for you.

One of the benefits of enjoying National Hobby Month, a celebration that dates to 1955, is that you can include it as a fun New Year’s resolution that you will be much more apt to keep! Heck, even if you do move on to other passions after the month ends, you will surely have enjoyed trying out a new hobby or two for a few weeks.

Get Movin’

Living in Glendale has its perks when it comes to outdoor hobbies. Hiking is a great place to start. Check out areas like the Thunderbird H-2 trail, or the nearby Shaw Butte trails in Heritage Highlands.

If you want to take your hiking to the next level, maybe try camping as well. There are plenty of campgrounds in the area including Covered Wagon RV Park, Lake Pleasant Regional Park and Estrella Mountain Regional Park.

If you’ve never been camping before it’s best to have someone tag along with a bit more experience. Ask friends who are regulars at camping questions and don’t be afraid to try something new. We’ve collected a list of the most forgotten items while camping so you won’t be caught unprepared:

  • Wood
  • Wet-wipes
  • Batteries
  • Trash bags
  • Hatchet/Hammer
  • First Aid Kit

Camping requires a lot of supplies, and sometimes you don’t always have room in your home for all that gear. If things start to get cramped, think about renting a storage unit. Not only will your gear be safe and secure, but your home will also be clutter-free.

Get Crafty

Whether you consider yourself creative or not, try out crafting! Consider taking up a hobby such as knitting, painting or even building doghouses for your friends and family. With hobbies like these you not only enjoy what you do, but you can also make a profit off of the finished product.

Regardless of what creations you decide to make, know that a self storage space definitely comes in handy. A unit can either house your supplies when they are not being used, or you can place excess clutter there in order to make room for your supplies at home.

Collecting Things

Sometimes taking up a new hobby might mean finding an item to collect. Right now, you are probably picturing somebody pouring over a stamp collection or carefully placing a prized comic book into a protective comic book sleeve. However, the types of things you can collect are essentially limitless. Some people collect cars, placing one or more of them into sizable storage units. Some other fun things to collect include:

  • Seashells
  • Vintage Barware
  • Pez Dispensers
  • Vintage Jewelry
  • Rocks
  • Snowglobes
  • Keys
  • Perfume Bottles

No matter what hobby you decide to take on for the New Year, let Central Self Storage help along the way. Whether it’s keeping your items safe and secure or making room in your home for your new collection, you’ll be glad you rented a Glendale storage unit.