Book Lovers Celebrate Their Hobby at Wordstock

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Celebrate your love for books at Portland’s premier literary festival: Wordstock. November is a special month for word lovers everywhere, as this month is both Novel Writing Month and home to Book Lover’s Day. Whether you’re celebrating here in Portland, Oregon, or find some other city to celebrate your book love, Central Self Storage has all the info you need to cherish your favorite hobby!

Wordstock: Portland’s Book Festival

Wordstock is relaunching in Portland this year as a one-day event, with a jam-packed schedule and plenty of books to go around. As the largest celebration of literacy in the Pacific Northwest, this event draws book lover’s from across the country. This year will feature on-stage discussions and author interviews, pop-up events, story time for kids, a book fair, workshops, live music and food trucks. There will also be a beer and wine garden, because Portlanders are definite beer enthusiasts. The festival will take place on Saturday, November 7 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Portland Art Museum. Tickets are $15 for all-day, and free admission for attendees under 17 with a valid student ID.

Other Ways to Show Your Love of Books

  • Store your books securely. Running out of room for your book collection in your home? Are your books gathering dust in a closet, attic, or basement? Give your book collection the space it deserves by moving it to a secure offsite location. Even if you don’t enjoy your collection on a daily basis, you can keep valuable pages preserved in secure self storage. Home storage areas like basements or attics can be victim to fluctuating temperatures and humidity, causing damage to sensitive papers and bindings. Climate controlled storage is perfect for your books. Install shelving or pack and label you books in boxes to keep them organized.
  • Make your own library. If you’re ready to create the ideal space for your favorite hobby, you can make the library of your dreams this holiday! Pick a cluttered room in your home and take the time to clear it out. An overwhelmed guest room or underutilized office space can be turned into your literary oasis. Choose a weekend – or two for extreme cases – and get to work de-cluttering your chosen room. Picking the room is half the battle. Choose one that has one full wall; no windows or doors that break it up. This wall will be perfect for installing shelving. And try to avoid any rooms that experience temperature fluctuations. Use lighting that has a warm, yellow temperature for eye comfort, and seating that allows you to stretch out or curl up at your preference. Pack your space with large, comfy throw pillows, bean bags and cushy recliners; whichever you decide, just make sure it’s built for long hours of comfort. If your square footage is lacking, use wall shelves to make the most of your vertical space. Lone standing bookshelves are a classic, but are not always ideal for your space.
  • Hold a book drive. Giving back to the community is a great way to both contribute to your city and feed your philanthropic urges. Organize a book drive with the help of self storage! Use a storage unit as your staging area, place of operations, or book storage space. Place posters around your neighborhood and at shops to spread the word; don’t forget to tell your neighbors, friends and family about your drive. And don’t feel pressured to donate to just one cause – you can choose multiple organizations. Set a goal for your team, and tell people to spread the word in their own networks. Check your own storage and take out those childhood books that you’re not attached to, and look into local sales. Half price book stores frequently trade out their inventory, so ask the local places if they’re throwing any books out and see if they’ll give them to you instead.

Find Book Storage in the Portland Area

The climate in Portland, Oregon is relatively temperate, with warm, dry summers, and chilly, rainy winters. Moisture and extreme temperature changes are the enemies of books, causing damage to paper pages and bindings. By choosing secure, climate controlled storage in Oregon, you can protect your favorite stories. Find an Oregon storage unit near you by giving Central Self Storage a call. Keep your books safe no matter the season, and celebrate Book Lover’s Day every year.