Beginner’s Guide to Furniture Storage

couple moving couch for furniture storage

Big, bulky furniture items may seem like they can withstand even the harshest conditions, but in reality, even the sturdiest, wooden dresses require special care before being placed in Boise, ID self storage units. Whether wooden or upholstered, furniture requires careful preparation before storage. If you are going to be storing furniture, follow these steps to ensure it stays in pristine condition for the duration.

Choose the Right Storage Facility

The first step is choosing the right self storage in Meridian, ID. The kinds of furniture you’ll be storing will dictate a lot of your storage considerations; a climate controlled storage unit may be the ideal choice depending on your furniture. That’s especially true for antique furniture, but it also applies to furniture that’s upholstered in delicate fabrics or leather. Humidity control is also a major concern when storing furniture, as excessive humidity can warp even the strongest wood over time.

Prepare Your Furniture for Boise ID Self Storage

If possible, disassemble large pieces of furniture prior to storing them. Place the hardware in a baggie, and affix it to the outside of the furniture. Wipe down wood furniture and then apply a coat of wax to protect the finish. Don’t wrap furniture in plastic, as it can trap in moisture and cause issues later on. However, do wrap it loosely in soft material to prevent dents, scratches and other damage.

Prior to storing upholstered items, clean them and let them air dry. Have leather furniture professionally cleaned before it goes into Central Self Storage in Meridian, ID. Use masking tape to make large Xs across glass items and mirrors to reduce the risk of them shattering.

Finally, use pallets to keep furniture from sitting directly on the ground. This helps to keep it well-ventilated, which reduces the risk of mold, mildew and other issues. Also, in the unlikely event of a flood, your items are more likely to emerge unscathed. If possible, periodically check in on your furniture to ensure it is holding up okay. Contact Central Self Storage and find the perfect storage unit for all of your furniture storage needs. Central Self Storage has locations throughout Idaho, and nationwide. Find a storage facility near you and start storing today.