Become a Wardrobe Wizard with This Guide for Self Storage Users

A closet very full with clothes

With all the clothing shops in Vallejo, CA, it doesn’t take much time to expand your wardrobe. The downside is that you’ll need to make room for all of your articles of clothing. If you don’t have enough space to keep things organized, storage units can help. Central Self Storage has a few tips on how to use off-site storage for organizing your clothes and protecting them for the long term.

How to Keep Your Clothing Fresh in Storage

Wash your clothes before storing them.

You’ll want to wash your clothes before storing them, whether it’s for days, months, or years. Dirty clothing will produce more odors over time and could attract pests, especially if you select an outdoor storage unit. Make sure your clothes are thoroughly dried before storing them; wet clothes will produce mold and mildew as they sit in storage.

Pack your clothing the right way.

If you put your clothing in plastic bags, place a few silica gel packs in each one. These will prevent excess moisture that could lead to mildew growth. Hanging racks can help keep your clothes organized, but use plastic hangers to prevent rust on your clothing. Pest-free packing containers are also beneficial when storing your clothes in your attic at home or a traditional drive-up storage unit.

Go with climate-controlled storage units.

When it comes to storage, nothing beats climate control. There’s no need to worry about heat, cold, or excess moisture damaging your clothing. You can control the temperature of your unit and keep it at the ideal setting for your belongings. Climate-controlled units also can help prevent pest infestations, keeping rodents and insects out of your clothing.

Self Storage for Extra Closet Space

Storage units come in handy when you’re running out of closet space at home. With a unit from Central Self Storage in Vallejo, CA, you can keep your shirts, pants, jackets, and other clothing from turning into excess clutter. Climate-controlled units not only help shield your clothing from the heat but also help prevent insects and other pests from coming in and damaging the fabrics. A standard 5 x 10 unit provides enough space to create a closet away from home while keeping your own closet free of clutter.