Apartments Versus Homes: Preparing for Either Living Arrangement

Two people holding moving boxes in an empty room

There’s something about Portland, OR that lures people from all over the world. Maybe it’s the mountainous backdrop, or perhaps it’s the people and the relaxed way of life. Whether you’re moving to a house or an apartment here, Central Self Storage has a few tips to make the experience as relaxing as this eco-friendly city in the Pacific Northwest.

Moving Into a House: What You Need

Moving into a house is different than moving into an apartment. For one, you don’t have to deal with neighbors on all sides. You also get your own driveway for your car and a yard in which to hang out with friends and family. You’ll need to do some basic things when moving into a house that you might not have to do if you chose to live in an apartment, such as:

  • Changing the locks on all the doors
  • Cleaning out all the cabinets
  • Vacuuming the carpet in each room
  • Locating the breaker box and the water main
  • Buying essentials for every room if necessary

Moving Into an Apartment: What You Need

If you’re moving from a previous address, you may have furniture to bring with you. If not, you’ll need to purchase furniture for your apartment (unless it comes furnished already). Basic supplies such as shower curtains, dishware, and towels are things that you’ll need to get right away. Items such as decor can always wait until you’re settled in to your new place. Other important things to do when you move into an apartment include:

  • Scheduling a change of address
  • Setting up utilities such as power and cable
  • Purchasing cleaning supplies
  • Taking a tour of the grounds
  • Getting an extra pair of keys made

Storage Units for Added Space and Security

No matter if you decide to move to a house or an apartment in Portland, OR, you’ll eventually run out of space for things. When that happens, Central Self Storage is here with storage units for your extra belongings or clutter. With month-to-month leasing available, we have your items covered for as much time as you need.