A Christmas Gift

little girl looking up at santa's sleigh being pulled by reindeer in the snow

Every year, it seems, the holiday season arrives sooner than the year before. In the rush of time between Thanksgiving and the New Year, it certainly can be easy to forget what the spirit of the season is about.

This year, at the Bloomington Central Self Storage (CSS) facility in Minnesota, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to give in a way that would last beyond the holiday season. We decided to dig a little deeper this season to make our giving stand out.

An Unconventional Gift

Our story starts back in October. For whatever reason, we received a catalog from World Vision. I’m not sure how we ended up on their mailing list here at the Bloomington CSS, but we did. There was a picture of a child smiling on the cover, embracing a baby goat. Thumbing through the catalog, it dawned on us – we should buy a goat for Christmas. This goat would be given to a family overseas to make milk, cheese, and someday, more baby goats (so cute).

The catalog, from which I wanted to purchase this little goat, sat in my office for a few weeks. I pulled it out every few days and looked at all of the possible donations. There were pigs, chickens, even sheep and cows. Again, all cute. You could also purchase things like medicine or clothing, but for whatever reason, my heart was set on that goat.

Anyone who has worked for CSS knows that we work for an amazing company. So when we were approved to purchase the goat gift, we were ecstatic! We get to buy a goat; not many people can say that.

The Goat That Keeps on Giving

In the spirit of the season, we have had the opportunity to give a gift that might just go a little further this year. According to World Vision (2016), “Dairy goat milk provides great protein to help children grow. The family can sell the surplus milk, cheese, and yogurt to earn money for necessities.”1

It’s such a joy to know that it’s possible to help change the lives of people who live in other countries. The fact that we could do that with a goat, well, that’s just a bonus. I, personally, adore animals, so my heart was probably in this a bit more than most. In any case, I’m thankful. Thank you, CSS, for allowing us here in Bloomington, MN to buy a goat and help a family in need for Christmas. Happy Holidays to all!


1Reference: World Vision (2016). Gift Catalog Christmas 2016. Tacoma, WA: World Vision.